Friday, July 28, 2006

TV Night

We watched Hex & now we're watching Nightmares & Dreamscapes. The new Stephen King tv show? I think. Pretty intense stuff. Kinda reminds me of a modern, intense version Twilight Zone.

Hiked with the kids this morning. Over four miles & through a burn area. I'd not realized how much temperature difference tree cover makes, but the canopy free zones were substantially hotter & had different plants growing. Very very interesting. Age wise this is a young forest- less than 80 years old or so. It's different from the forests I grew up playing in along the edge of the White Mountain National Forest.

I suppose you could say that, really, the biggest revelation is how out of touch with the natural world I allowed myself to become. Maybe used to be? We've been hiking regularly for weeks now. Many things are coming back to me. Things I'd not realized I'd pushed aside. One thing is for sure- being in forests is good for your soul. Renewing. Refreshing.
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