Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm continuing on with the Pargeter book. So far it's quite good, although I'm no historian & my familiarity with English history would fit into a thimble. I'm depending on her reputation as an excellent historian to see me through.

Husband & I have been walking late in the evening to escape the daytime heat. It has been horridly humid even at night- 72% when we walked at 10 pm. I love to be out at night- it's quiet & starry & you get to annoy all of the neighborhood dogs simply by walking by the front yard.

I miss the trails though & the chance to be outside with the kids. Monday I plan to resume taking them to the park, I finally found the Camelback & we'll take that & a gallon jug for the car.

Son #2 has new rollerblades. He took them for a trial run as soon as we returned from the store. He reports they're much better than borrowing his sister's. His buddy had to reneg on an evening visit because of a family emergency so #2 is bummed.

Husband & children 1 & 2 are preparing to put up new shelves to house my romance keepers- YAY! I'm tight for space, but I think we've found a reasonable solution. They're installing a shelf above the doorjambs going down the hall & across my doorway at the end. I'd say far end, but that'd be a lie. LOL

Tomorrow we hope to visit the American History Museum to see: lunchboxes, Muppets, & antique cars among other things. Like Disney, Monk & Miles, flags & tons of other goodies.

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