Monday, July 03, 2006


I have read Potent Pleasures previously- I think when it was new. I enjoyed the portion I reread (about 120 pages), but I've five others by her in my TBR so I won't continue reading it. AG- I really enjoyed the 'reveal' regarding the Cyprian's Ball. I think the best part was at the end though- the birthday present in the postscript was the best part. I love a hero who grovels, LOL.

Husband & I went on a loong walk Sunday afternoon- nearly 8 miles. I was so tired. I can't tell you. The last bit was uphill- I made him sing me dirty jodies from the bad old days when he was in the infantry. You know the kind- they'll put you in your grave, some of them. Full of rape, pillage & mayhem. Totally unPC. I love 'em though.

Happy Canada Day!

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