Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Husband & I went to our favorite store- hands down- IKEA. Not the best quality & everything has to be put together. If you can read the 'universally understood diagrams' that is. Luckily for me, both Husband & Son #1 love that stuff. If you live in tight quarters IKEA's the best.

I need more shelving in my kitchen beside the freezer. I have a small three shelf rack, but I want something that'll go all the way up to the ceiling (or very nearly). IKEA is the only place that sells items that tall. What else? Oh yes. We need wardrobes in our room. The solitary closet is exactly one hanger deep & the exact width of the door. Barely enough room for one person, never mind two.

Somehow we got there with only half of the measurements we needed. Trying to get measurements over the phone via teenagers in an exercise in patience I didn't think I possessed. Two phone calls later we were in business. We've decided on the kitchen item, but the bedroom pieces will require more planning. The room is small enough that it can only be arranged one way & the wardrobes will have to fit precisely- no room for mistakes.

I swear I'm no (ok, except for books)- I love to throw things away. Ask anyone who knows me. I swear though, this place is challenging even for me. BTW- the new shelves going down the hall? Perfect length for my keepers. I've done some pruning & I've room on most of my bookshelves now. As opposed to there being little stacks here & there & doubleshelved in places. Triple in others.

Husband however has unusual ideas about books. If he's read them & likes them, he wants to keep them. So far so good. They can be packed into boxes & put away though. He has shelf space on a case in our bedroom. Empty now. "It's ok, honey," he tells me. "I know my books are still here. They don't have to be out on the shelves. Packed into boxes in the storage closet is fine." Is this odd to you? Maybe it's just me. I want to see my books. Especially the keepers & my grandpa's collection. OTOH, Sister is a devoted library patron & rarely keeps any of her books. (I'm always tardy returning them so I avoid libraries). My parents used to be HUGE book hoarders. Not lately though. Mother has been pruning the collection much to Father's discomfort.


Tara Marie said...

It's dangerous when I'm in an organizing mood. Took apart Junior's room last week, ruthlessly made him give toys to the Thrift Shop and sorted out old clothing, also going to the thrift shop.

I'm a book hoarder, but every few years, I force myself to get rid of some, not easy but I've a little house and can't keep everything.

CindyS said...

Seeing as how I want to be able to reach for a keeper whenever I get the itch to read a scene or even the whole book - yeah, I see boxing up keepers as hard.

I've mentioned on my blog that with the recent move we have no bookshelves so all 3-400 books are in boxes stacked in a closet. I swear I can hear little 'help me' voices whenever I enter the room the closet is in.

I'm also bad for out of sight, out of mind so I end up not buying as many books because I can't remember which ones I own. When they are in bookcases, I usually look over them at least once a week so what I have is pretty fresh in my mind.

Seriously, this whole 'books in a closet' thing may end up costing the hubby HUGE!


Bookwormom said...

Tara- My kids are getting better at sorting through & dividing up & pruning back their stuff. It's a slow uphill battle, but they're better at understanding not everything can be kept.

CindyS- While we were military nearly all of my books got schlepped around in boxes, which I guess partly explains why I like to see them all now. I agree with the 'out of sight out of mind' arguement.

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