Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hiking Weekend

Spent the weekend immersed in - namely . Husband, Daughter & I hiked a relatively flat but heavily overgrown local trail in the local Saturday afternoon.

Today all of us did another circular hike out in the northern end of the Blue Ridge Mts. Total of nearly five miles. The first two of which were straight up a ridge to the Appalachian Trail. Mercifully the trip back down (to the car- YAY!!) meandered along through spectacular meadows full of wildflowers, butterflies & bees. Watch out for the cow patties though.

Started reading Dr. Andrew Weil's Eating Well for Optimum Health last night. I'm not very far into it, but so far he makes quite a lot of sense. The quality of what you eat effects your health- mental & physical. Eat better quality (& quantity too most likely) & you'll feel better about yourself & be healthier.


jenster said...

Good on ya, Amanda!! We're surrounded by great bike trails (well, they're for hiking and horses, too) so we bought four new bikes after moving here. We picked them up Saturday and went for a long ride yesterday. It was great! I then soaked in the tub last night and was out by 9:30. lol

So you would recommend that book? I'm all about getting healthy right now. And getting back into my clothes!


Tara Marie said...

Amanda and Jen, you're both so good. I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to walking, easily bored, yet I love to swim laps, how strange is that--LOL.

Bookwormom said...

Jen- Good for you for getting out there! Yes, I'd definitely recc. the book.

Tara- I love to swim, but always lost track of laps & the fees have been prohibitive.