Monday, July 17, 2006

Castles or beaches?

Last night Husband & I started discussing where we ought to go for our twentieth anniversary next September (2007). Husband gave me a brochure about Hawaii, although that has more to with reasons long ago in another lifetime, almost. More than his own preferences, I think. Besides, if we went out to the Islands, we'd want to stay & never return. :)

Personally, I'd like to go see castles & ruins. Which pretty much means Europe I think. Perhaps Venice since it's sinking. Or Vienna or Prague. I heard from a reliable source that Prague remains very Old World in feel. I wonder if EAP (see sidebar) agrees?

In the best of both worlds we could find a place where there are both castles/ruins & beaches. If anyone out there has ideas, please let me know. Sister says we ought to spend a week in France following Le Tour. Not a bad idea, actually. Amsterdam sounds nice too- I've heard there are lots of museums & parks & the people are friendly? Speaking of friendly- the Irish & the Scottish have a reputation as being quite friendly, whereas the English are less so?


Tara Marie said...

Oooooooo, go to Venice, so I can live vicariously through you. I have friends who went a couple of years ago and LOVED it.

jenster said...

I vote all of the above!!! lol

DH and I have talked about taking a castle tour of England and Scotland for our 25th. We just celebrated our 19th so we have plenty of time to change our minds. lol

We're going to Hawaii next summer with the kids, but I'm NOT taking them on our "romantic" vacation.

Do let us know what you decide. And take lots of pictures. And then post said pictures.

Hey! Jennifer in TX is taking a cruise down the Danube in August. The tour starts in Prague and then I forget where all it takes them, but there's an idea, too. Get to see a lot of stuff that way.


jenster said...

Drat! Where's the edit button. We just celebrated our 18th, not 19th - though sometimes it feels like our 59th!


jenster said...

Drat again!! That should read, "Where's the edit button - question mark"

Okay. I'm done for now. This will be as good as it gets.


Bookwormom said...

LOL Jen!! I'm dying here. *wipes eyes*

Tara- Venice does sound good. Although Husband is now rooting for either London or Basel, Switzerland & using that city as a base for exploring.

Midwifemuse said...

English friendly? Well I think so but there again I'm biased! We went to the Netherlands a few years back and I didn't find them that friendly, for friendly I rate the Italians.
This year we celebrate our 30th, it's a bit of a nothing really so not doing anything special. Our 25th was in Dominican Republic, amazing value, going out and about by ourselves was not recommended though.