Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AC is a human right

Is it hot yet? The temps here have averaged in the high 90's for the last two or three days or so, forecast to continue through tomorrow. Thursday supposedly will cool off as far as the LOW 90's. Actually, the heat is ok. It's the energy bills I hate. 'Cuz as far as I'm concerned air conditioning is a universal human right, second only to freedom of speech.

The worst heat wave I've endured was the year we lived in San Antonio TX ('94-'95, I think). Even the natives thought it was hot that year. Temps were higher than 100 for over a month. Very dry heat though, so you didn't sweat since it evaporated right off of you. That was a plus for me though. I hate wandering around feeling damp. Only thing was, you had to carry ice water everywhere. If you let yourself get thirsty you were in big big trouble due to dehydration. Did I mention I was heavily pregnant with Son #2 that summer?! Made things quite exciting.

On the frog front, we plan to check on them later in the week. Pack up a picnic, bring a big jug of iced tea & towels so we can get all wet & muddy in the creek.

Still not reading.


jenster said...

Hot here as well, though not as hot as it is in Arkansas. At least we're supposed to get a bit of a break in the heat this week. They're looking at high 90s to 100+ this week. And even MORE humid than it is here! Blech!!

I tell my husband every day how much I'm looking forward to the fall. No A/C then. Yea! How do people without A/C handle these heat waves?


Bookwormom said...

Jen- I've no idea. I'd collapse w/o AC, I swear.

Tara Marie said...

The heat in NY broke yesterday. We don't have AC, well, we do but haven't put in the window units since we put in the pool. Spend several hours floating and cooling off, and then sleeping is fine.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- You've more gumption than I do. I'mm a total whiny baby w/o AC.