Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 13 #16- Exercise

Favorite routines here at Bookwormom Central:

1. Rollerblading along the Potomac

2. Trail hikes in our local national park

3. Interval walk/jog repeats

4. Hill-work in our neighborhood

5. Bike riding

6. DDR in the livingroom. I'm self conscious though & will only do this if I'm alone.

7. Plain walking (getting a little vanilla)

8. Mall walking~ although it's bad for the budget

9. Jumping up & down & screaming at the tv during world cup games- especially while watching Univision commentary

10. Ditto for Tour de France dailies

11. Hunting for lost teenagers (mine) in the local park. Turns out they're totally unable to follow simple verbal instructions. "Go to the end of the trail & turn left. Take the left fork at the next junction. It's less than a mile. The car is in the lot at the end of the 2nd trail. Here's a map in case you forget." Lest you worry, they're home again & eating plenty.

12. Nearly getting sideswiped on the interstate & hyperventialting. Side effect- your children learn lots of new vocabulary words.

13. Thinking up Thursday 13 posts.

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alibug said...

You are way more motivated than I in the "creative" exercise movement!

jenster said...

Wow!! You make exercise look so easy!!


Bookwormom said...

Alibug & Jenster- It's all for a good cause. Reducing the number on the scale. Keeping the kids fit & tired is a close 2nd though!

alau said...

Univision commentary during World Cup games? SO MUCH better then stupid ESPN. And I don't even speak Spanish!

My first TT is up!