Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Promotions & Anniversary Ideas

Drive by posting today. Husband found out he got a little promotion at work- the only nurse in his hospital to get either an increase or a bonus. YAY! This makes two years in a row for him! To celebrate the children & I have made a lemon cake glazed with raspberry preserves & topped with fruit. YUMMY. I'll have to run extra tomorrow, most likely.

Daughter is to visit the Grandparents & my Sister for a few days starting Saturday afternoon. The Grandmother wants Daughter to help paint a couple of rooms in the house. Grandfather most likely needs help in his garden- Daughter is too petite to drive the riding lawnmower. She can't reach the pedals. Poor thing.

Son #2 is visiting with the buddy who had to cancel last Friday. Turns out the emergerncy was his dad. The dad is a painter & fell & fractured his leg & had to go to the ER. Poor man. Now he's laid up from work.

Husband & I have concentrated on Ireland as a possible locale for next year's . Probably going to stay somewhere in county Mayo as it's the location of the site, Croagh Patrick.Castles, ruins & beaches all in one. I think we're likely to try & stay in a 'self catering' place- a small cabin or cottage rental. There were several near or on the sea that sound quite reasonable. Having my morning coffee on the beach. Listening to the waves at night. Walks in the sand & hikes along the shore. Husband swears the Irish must need more nurses...


CindyS said...

Huge congrats to your husband and family. You must be so very proud of him!

Also very exciting planning for your trip. I take it you will be going during the summer season to have coffee on the beach ;)


Bookwormom said...

CindyS- Well, going at all assumes we can scrape up the pennies to get over there & back again. LOL And yes we're likely to try & go during the summer.

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