Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We finally went to see it this afternoon. Only five other people in the theater, so no assault this time. Then again, this is a different theater. Fed the kids first, so no begging for outrageously priced popcorn.

Thoughts on the movie. There were quite a few nods to other action movies from days gone by: Phantom of the Opera; Indiana Jones; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; several Star Wars among others. Turning giant corporations into the 'evil empire.' Keira Knightly's character as the impetus for change (ie: the love of a good woman- or trying to earn her love). The monkey & the parrot are back.

This one has many more threads & the weft of the story is tighter & more detailed than the first one. Too this is a summer adventure thriller- very visual, action packed & not terribly original. For me, that was ok. I expect to be entertained & excited, & that is exactly what I got.

Who was Davy Jones' lost music box owner & letter writer? Will the Evil Empire succeed now that they have such a powerful weapon? Is Keira Knightley's character as confused as she appears? Isn't the seeress in the swamp fascinating & wonderful? Like Daughter said, next summer can't get here fast enough, I think.

P.S.~ We downloaded one of the screensavers- I now have Cpt. Jack & Mr. Gibbs & the Pearl sailing across my toolbar. YAY :0
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jenster said...

I agree with your daughter. Next summer can't get here fast enough! This one really leaves too many questions...

I freely admit to being a POTC Junkie and I will have the entire set on DVD no doubt.


Bev (BB) said...

Okay, I get Indiana Jones (the entire wheel fight is VERY Indy :D) and 20,000 Leagues (the kraken and the ships) but what are the Phantom and Star Wars nods?

Bookwormom said...

Hi Jen! Hope all is well w/ you & yours.

Hi Bev- The Phantom reference was when Davy Jones plays the organ (with his tentacles no less!) on his ship.

Star Wars, IMO, was more of a thematic refernce in that the son was disillusioned & estranged from the father due to the father's choices & yet refuses to abandon the father to his fate. Too, the friends (& enemies) gathering together when there is a possibility of Jack being alive & subsequently deciding to hunt him down & rescue him was very Star Wars.

alibug said...

Other Star wars references- fav. hero dying at end of 2nd movie (Han Solo) but not really sure he's dead. Love triangle (Luke-ew and Han and Lando) Strong female chick... so many come to mind. It also had a very Return of the jedi feel to it- so many plots and action sequences.

Bookwormom said...

Alibug- I missed the Han Solo reference! I'm pretty shocked, actually. We're big SW fans, as you know. POTC 2 is a movie I could see twice just to be sure I caught all of the references.