Saturday, November 19, 2005

Memorable Day

Anger management 101

Do not attempt assault a patron who politely asks you to keep it down- especially if said patron is several inches taller than you even though he's standing below you by one row. When the manger is brought in (by Husband) to inquire what the problem is, do not repetitively poke the manager in the chest as if she's a tree trunk & you're a woodpecker hunting for bugs. Kicking the chairs of the people in front of you & nearly yanking the chignon off of the back of her head is similarly unhelpful & childish to boot.

The fact that all of this occurred in front of his wife, his two middle school aged sons, our three children, our son's guest & myself (the chignon yanking victim), not to mention an entire theater did not concern this man at all. Finally the manager threatened to call the police & have the family evicted by force. The man took one last lunge at Husband's collar & only then did the instigator's wife insist that they leave.

So I spent the majority of the movie with my heart racing, sweating, hands shaking & in fear that this jerk would lay (lie?) in wait for us outside the theater & cause another scene. Remembering that the movie is nearly three hours long calmed me down a little, but I didn't truly relax until we returned home safe & sound.

As a consequence, I watched most of Harry Potter IV in shock & completely stressed out. Dazed & Confused as Led Zepplin famously said. I think Husband & I will see it again Wednesday- hopefully a quieter, less confrontational show.

Review: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

My initial impressions are that the screenwriter did an excellent job abridging the book enough to fit it in under three hours & in a way that a non reader can follow along without too much trouble. Some back history & character development was sacrificed, but there are touching scenes with Neville Longbottom & Ginny Weasley as well as Hermione Grainger & Viktor Krum all at the Yule Ball. Ralph Fiennes is superbly evil & cunning as Lord Voldemort. I missed Winky & Harry's relatives.


Anne E. said...

Going to the theatre with you must be an adventure! I am so sorry that this happened to your family. I feel sorry for the children of the out-of-control man -- what a role model is he for young kids! Unfortunately, our society seems to be more and more uncivil these days (I used to worry if that made me seem like an old fogey -- now let the chips fall where they may, as everyone else does!).

It has gotten so bad, that one board where I post is divided on introducing any controversial subject, so much so that the board is becoming "too sweet," at least IMO. I posted a reference to the political satire site JibJab, and was raked over the coals for warning that people who were devoted to George Bush might want to stay away (how dare I make such a snide comment was the take of some). Then on the other hand, we have your theatre idiot..sometimes you just can't win!!!


Anonymous said...

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Bookwormom said...

Anne E- I completely agree with you. We have become a terribly uncivil society. Is it really so difficult to be quiet when the movie starts?! There is an article in today's Washington Post dealing with similar behaviors at sporting events. Pathetic, really.