Monday, November 21, 2005

Shorn like a sheep

The sheep in the photo above? That was me.

So, I'm gonna 'fess up right off- I made a last minute appointment this morning & had 10" cut off my ponytail so I can donate it to Locks of Love. It took three years to grow my hair from bob length to just about down to my waist. Husband is at work & has no idea what I've done. Older son walked in the door from school & complimented me right off- score a point for teenagers everywhere!

Honestly, I feel like a new woman. I can't get used to feeling my hair swing around my face & I keep trying to toss it over my shoulder. One bad thing- I'm colder. You'd be surprised how warm your hair will keep you if it's cascading down your back.

I'll be back tomorrow unless I have to take Husband to the ER for heart ache.


Heather said...

So how did your dh like your new haircut?

Tara Marie said...


1. You are amazing.
2. How did you're husband like the new you?

I started growing my hair out when Jenster announced she had cancer, it's only between my shoulder blades right now but give it another year and I'll be ready to donate mine.

Jenster said...

How sweet, Tara! And Amanda - I know all about being cold headed! lol. My hair WAS extremely thick and I never realized just how warm it kept my head. :o)

I bet your new do is very cute. I can't wait to go and read what DH had to say.