Monday, November 28, 2005


Busy, busy, busy long holiday weekend. Traffic, surprisingly, was was steady & at speed Sunday evening. Normal Sunday traffic is heavy & slow, especially north of Massaponax, however we arrived home in good time. Today was another story though. Fortunately, it was all tourists passing through. The local roads were free flowing although the interstate was one big parking lot, particularly heading south.

My new Nephew is a teeny beanie cutie pie. Just like Daughter when she was a baby he has spread out & likes the starfish position. My sister says he eats & sleeps well (so far) & his Sibling is adjusting to the new reality as well as could be expected. Husband's family is reasonably well, although SIL will have back surgery in January. Husband's Niece is to begin preschool in the next week or so, & between you & me & the lamppost, both my SIL & Niece will benefit from the independance. Potty training & back sassing were the main topics of the weekend (the older nephew will be 5 soon & the niece will be 4 soon).

Also- the evils of northern Virginia vs Southern Virginia (we live in the northern end & the others live southside). How come Husband can't visit more often & oughtn't the children take the train to visit the family? What else? The superiority of minivans over SUVs or cars. Why we need to buy a house ASAP- preferably down the street or around the corner.

I read the following: A Rogue's Deception by Valerie King, Miss Whiting & the 7 Wards by Lynn Collum & The Bartered Heart by Nancy Butler. The first two were good not memorable or unique, but I really enjoyed the third.


Tara Marie said...

"Recovering" is a great descriptive word. We had Thanksgiving so everyone (my family) came to our house. I had my husband home for 5 days and I was never so glad to see him go back to work.

Potty training, back sassing, minivans vs. SUVs, how exciting for you. What does it mean if you have a SUV and a minivan??

Bookwormom said...

Ahh. The bliss of living two+ hours away from your family.

Minivans are supposedly superior to SUVS due to better fuel economy & spatial possibilities. IMO, said opinions are bunkum, however, I managed to keep my mouth shut (preferably chewing or swallowing, lol). Cars are just too small & passe.