Friday, November 25, 2005

T-Day, Xmas & Smoke Thief

Here's hoping your turkey day was full of good cheer, good friends & great food. If you're shopping today, I hope you keep your temper; be decisive- don't wait until later & hope it'll still be there, 'cuz it won't; find close parking places & have FUN!!

As for us, we're doing laundry & then going out for errands, supper & playing in the traffic. Tomorrow we're heading down to the parents' homes (his & mine) for turkey & the trimmings & visiting our new nephew. Sunday is likely to be spent playing in the traffic on I 95 with every other human being on the Eastern seaboard.

We've finished shopping for one of the kids & wrapped it all already. Today we're going to shop for dad. He reads this, so I won't say what Santa might bring him. The daughter is nearly finished also. Only older son & dad & stocking stuffers. Any good ideas for stuffers?

I haven't read much this last week, but have slowly piddled along in Shana Abe's The Smoke Thief. It isn't a page turner, but I've savored every word unlike many other novels in which I regularly skip many paragraphs & don't miss all that much.

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