Saturday, November 12, 2005

Review: The Bride Sale by Candice Hern

Verity Osborne Russell is being sold at auction in northern England when James Harkness, Baron Harkness comes upon her just before she is sold. Pitying her & disliking the idea of the young woman being indentured to the blacksmith, Baron Harkness buys her & her trunk for two hundred pounds sterling. Note: Hern gives historical background HERE, which I recommend reading before you start the book.

James Harkness suffers from trauma induced blackouts & has isolated himself on his estate other than necessary oversight of his mines & infrequent trips into town to market. Verity too is not without her wounds stemming from her odd & painful marriage & subsequent auction. Too they must somehow work out their social & working relationships that resulted from Verity's sale & her legal & marital limbo.

This is truly a romance between two adults who overcome tremendous, heartbreaking past events to establish a loving relationship based on friendship, mutual trust & desire. It seems, at first to be a very one sided relationship, but the gothic plot twist at the end surprised & satisfied me. Ms. Hern has certainly earned my respect & a coveted spot on my keeper shelf hall of fame. Run out & find one!

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