Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Haircut Update

Husband didn't say a word! Should I be surprised or suspicious?! I fell asleep while he was doing a sudoku puzzle & felt him stroking my hair, but he didn't actually say anything. Daughter didn't notice until I leaned over to kiss her goodnight. As for younger son- he only noticed I wore a dark lipstick & couldn't care about anything else- except maybe working on his Christmas list. Maybe husband is in shock? I haven't seen him this morning, perhaps he'll corner me later?

I feel like a two year old, "Notice ME daddy! MEMEMEMEMEME!" I love it though & have spent the morning fiddling with it & hunting for grey hair. Trying to roll it up into a French twist, which is somehow mysteriously harder now that my hair is short. It's just barely long enough to French or Dutch braid leaving a teeny stub at the nape of my neck. I may have to invest in some new hair products to keep it all glued in place. Then again, why bother?

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Tara Marie said...

Let us know what he says, when he finally comments...