Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Review: The Scent of Lilacs by Barbara Hazard

I made a mistake yesterday about Sum of Me, apparently there are comments once in awhile, but not regularly. Regardless, Beth's comments are always insightful & to the point.

Review: The Scent of Lilacs by Barbara Hazard

To my delight & astonishment, I discovered a tightly plotted little gothic mystery between the staid covers of this traditional Regency. Edwin & Katherine Whittingham move into a small manor house. If at the end of thirty days they have resided in the house every night Edwin will inherit it. Luke Tremaine, the Earl of Bryce, discovers Katherine by a secluded pool in a wood bordering their properties.

Without revealing all, I will say that the plot involves several tried & true Romancelandia plot lines. However, they were revealed only at the end &, honestly, surprised me. Very well done & highly recommended.

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