Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June Summary & YTD Stats

June Summary:

I only managed six titles this month & that only because of the TBR Challenge over at Romantic Times (on the Reader's Roundtable message board). All were romances, no mysteries or fantasy/sci fi this month.

1.My Heart Stood Still by Lynn Kurland- Time travel paranormal

2.The Wedding Clause by Debbie Raleigh- Traditional Regency

3.A Scandalous Marriage by Debbie Raleigh- Traditional Regency

4.Lord Nightengale's Triumph by Judith Lansdowne- Traditional Regency

5.The Captain's Castaway by Christine Scheel- Traditional Regency

6.Road to the Isle by Megan Davidson- Historical romance

YTD Stats

Total Books Read- 67
Mysteries- 1
Horror- 2
Fantasies- 8
Thrillers- 2
Mythology based romances- 1
Fantasy romances- 2
Traditional Regencies- 21
Historical Romances (Incl. long format Regencies)- 10
Paranormal Romances- 15
DNF- 5

Not very many, I know. Too, I accept that I'm shallow & lack the attention span to read classics or literary fiction. Even so, I only read 102 books in 2005 & I'm well on track to out pace myself this year. Thanks for the great idea, Tara!


Tara Marie said...

Hi Amanda--I'm curious, what were the mystery and horror books? And, were they any good?

Bookwormom said...

Tara- The mystery was The Subtle Serpent by Peter Tremayne. I liked it very much. Strong, no nonsense female lead, set in ancient Ireland.

Minion was one of the horrors. It is often shelved in sci fi/fantasy, although I personally feel it belongs in horror. I enjoyed it, although I did find Banks' world view an odd combo of religion, fate & violence.

Sunshine, the other horror, however, was absolutely amazing. Completely sucked me in & held me tight. I hope McKinley does another set in this world, but she's never done a series & I'm not hopeful.