Monday, June 05, 2006

My Heart Stood Still; L. Kurland

As usual, a well done time travel by Lynn Kurland first published in 2001 by Berkeley. I enjoy her books, but for me the historicals have been the keepers. Somehow the contemporaries haven't had quite the emotional depth.

The hero is your typical type A, adrenaline junkie, ghost seeing, psychic multimillionaire who *gasp, surprise* is full of ennui. One day, after spilling eggs all over the floor at his seaside estate in Maine, he decides to refurbish a castle he bought in Scotland.

The heroine is a ghost who was murdered at age 24 after being sold off to heathan Englishman. She has haunted the hero's derelict castle for over 600 years & isn't particularly interested in allowing the renovation of 'her' castle. Slowly the two reach a detente.

Eventually relations thaw to a point where the hero travels to a point in time just before the heroine is killed & he brings her forward. From there they have to rebuild their relationship from scratch. This point was important to me. Kurland did not take liberties with time & memory. Because the heroine was brought forward alive, she doesn't have memories of the hero or their relationship because it happened while she was a ghost. Kurland does not skimp on this point & that renewed my respect for her work.
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ag said...

Ooh ... I used to be so hooked on time travel romance. And Lynn Kurland was one of the writers I used to follow.

Bookwormom said...

I read her once in a while, but not several in a row. I've several others in the TBR. TO be savored later.

Anonymous said...

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