Saturday, June 03, 2006

Driver's Ed

Follow up to last week's Thursday 13. Go HERE & take the test. NO CHEATING. Compare your results HERE with the rest of your state. How well did you score? Did you pass in the first place? LOL Post your score & the state where you live- if you dare!

I took the quiz & scored 75%, which according to the GMAC page is a passing grade. I fell off my chair in shock, I swear. The ironic thing about it all is- I took driver's ed in Massachusetts- which is tied with NJ for 48th worst, I currently reside in metro DC which ranked dead last. My driver's ed instructor was a Massachusetts State Police officer, though, so maybe that made a difference.

Happy weekend all!
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Fickle Fiona said...

I scored an 80. Florida's average is 82.3%.

I remembered the whole turning the wheels on uphill and downhill parking. I had such a problem with that...we don't have hills, of any kind!


CindyS said...

I got 95% but I'm Canadian and couldn't see where I was supposed to put that info so you can deduct accordingly ;)

I took drivers ed in school but it was my dad that taught me the crazy stuff. I was learning in the winter and I remember my dad taking me to a huge parking lot during a snow day. He would race the car and then throw it into a spin or skid. Then it was my turn - I tell you, that one day out with my dad has saved my ass too many times to count. Nothing like being behind the wheel and having the car totally out of control BUT in a controlled enviroment. It taught me exactly what to do in case of skidding, how and when to brake, the whole bit.


Tara Marie said...

Umm, I haven't taken the test yet... But, I've driven in both Mass & NJ and it doesn't shock me that their 48th. I'd add CT to the lousy driving list too--my husband calls them Jersey drivers with attitude.

Tara Marie said...

95% and NY is 47th--LOL. I think CT ranked higher, I'll have to tell the hubby. My BIL is moving to Rhode Island this summer and he swears the drivers are the worst apparently he's right they're below NY, Mass and NJ.

Bookwormom said...

Fiona- I couldn't believe FL scored so high with all of those elderly drivers, lol.

CindyS- Your dad had a great idea. Things like that need to be taught to everyone.

Tara- I've not driven in CT or RI recently. A few years ago we drove through CT at rush & it was just as bad as here. Not pleasant.

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