Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Slumping again?

Or simply too busy/tired to read? I'm unsure at the moment. Husband says the new exercise routine is tiring me more than I give it credit. I'm not sure I agree, since I've been overwhelmingly tempted to take my entire romance TBR to the library for their sales. Any takers?Uh..sorta kidding. Not quite ready to dump it all yet, but ...

Schedule update- no rest for the overscheduled, at least for the next few days. Tomorrow- piano at 5:30, church event 6:15; another meeting 7:15. Friday- bake 4 dozen cupcakes, frost, etc. for nephew's baptism Sun.; Daughter's 8th grade bridging ceremony; last day of school. Saturday- clean up day at the local national park a.m.; drive to parents' house pm; help set up nephew's reception at church that evening. Sunday-church, baptism & reception; visit in laws; drive home.

Don't forget the exercise routine. Try to figure out where in my parents' neighborhood we could walk safely. Figure out how to gracefully extricate ourselves from in laws after a reasonable but not interminable visit.

Monday- Collapse. After my walk. Did I tell you I plan to make the kids walk with me?


Tara Marie said...

simply too busy/tired to read

That's it!! I have one child, but between family and school obligations and major work at home, I'm left too tired to do more than watch whatever it is my husband finds on TV--last night "Hogzilla" on NGC--before falling asleep.

Bookwormom said...

Wow- I'm impressed. Hogzilla. You must've been really tired! LOL

Tara Marie said...

Can you imagine? Watching a show about a giant wild hog over reading? I don't even think I made the end of the show.

Bookwormom said...

Son #2 found it on tv one night & insisted I watch it with him. Horrible from beginning to end.