Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain rain go away

It has rained pretty much steadily since Sunday night with only a few hours break once in a while. Husband wasn't able to get to work Monday & returned home for a few hours to wait for both the rain & the traffic to subside. So far there hasn't been much flooding on our local roads other than the ones that flood anyway.

The major highways & areas that border tributaries & streams have suffered quite lot though. Basements & below ground parking decks are full of water & storm debris. Mini landslides. Several Smithsonian buildings, the IRS (no sympathy for them!), the Zoo all closed due to the water. Kinda a bummer- the American History museum has a neat display of antique cars & related stuff plus a Muppet exhibit we planned to see Wednesday. We'll have to try again next week, I supppose. The museum closes in September for a two year renovation & I want to go before then.

The humidity has been through the roof. When the kids & I walk together I can see the steam rise out of our clothes- kinda cool, actually. Nice to see all of my stored calories being converted into something more useful than excess mass. LOL


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