Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday 13 #15- TBR Authors

13 TBR authors listed in alphabetical order with the first two titles I have by them. Click the link above to see more participants, leave a link in the comments & I'll link to you here.

1.Rexanne Becnel- Maiden Bride & Heartbreaker

2.Jo Beverley- Dangerous Joy & The Shattered Rose

3. Sara Blayne- Theodora & Marrying the Marquis

4.Connie Brockway- My Pleasure & My Seduciton

5.Marsha Canham- My Forever Love & Pale Moon Rider

6.Loretta Chase- Lord of Scoundrels & Lion's Daughter

7.Heather Cullman- Bewitched & Stronger than Magic

8.Claire Delacroix- The Snow White Bride & Temptress

9.Christina Dodd- Well Favored Gentleman & Once A Knight

10.Juliana Garnett- The Knight & The Scotsman

11.Anne Gracie- Perfect Waltz & Perfect Rake

12.Roberta Gellis- Enchanted Fire & Shimmering Splendor

13.Patricia Grasso- To Catch A Countess & To Love A Princess


Tara Marie said...

I not read all the books, but I have read all the authors with the exception of Sara Blayne. Doesn't she write traditional Regencies? I probably should read more of those.

Bookwormom said...

Hi Tara- Yes, Sara Blayne writes trad. Regencies, but I couldn't find anything listed more recent than Marrying the Marquis