Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fluff Wins!

As a native New Englander I was very relieved to learn that the sentimental favorite Fluffernutter sandwich has been saved from disgrace, along with johnny cakes, baked beans & Boston cream pie. Click link to read article. Fluff sandwiches are a sentimental standby here at Bookwormom Central. Fluff can always be found in my pantry. I haven't quite gotten to the point where I keep the Marshmallow Fluff Cookbook around, but Son #2 is campaigning hard.

The second favorite sandwich here is Nutella & Fluff for which I've not figured out a good nickname. Try this site for more sandwiches from way back when. Even they don't list a Nutella & Fluff option, though.

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Anonymous said...

The Fluffernutter...a childhood favorite of mine! Although, I never knew it had a name until a few years ago when I saw it on the Food Network.