Friday, June 16, 2006

Decorating & Daughters

Blinking cursor. What now, brown cow? Um. Never mind. Tv-itis night. Watched a show about crop circles. Currently watching the new Dr. Who. Also watched the local news- extremely depressing.

Daughter's Bridging ceremony was touching & overdone at the same time. Daughter is sad because not all of her friends are attending the school she chose. That much is natural. Not overdone from her perspective, but from ours. Maybe I'm unusually cynical & hard hearted, but jeez. These kids have a minimum of four years more basic education- not to mention college or vocational training or whatever. Call me nasty, but come on. Then again, I guess some kids barely scrape by & one more year they pass a grade is one year closer to graduation?

Still no cupcakes baked. I did however, get a new satin bedspread from my mom, courtesy of her attic. My room is a sort of unusual shade of pink that changes to peach dependiing on the time of day/year & type of light. The bedspread is a light peach that compliments the color nicely. Poor Husband. He only tolerates our "girly boudoir." Still- I sleep in there so he's stuck. HAHAHA Yes, I'm evil too.

Happy Weekend all~

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Angela James said...

Love the new Doctor Who. Loved the old one,too, though :)

And I see the same local news that you do (since I'm in Maryland) and yes, it is depressing. Always.