Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 13 #14- Recent Events

It's late & I'm tired & stressed & this is all I can think of. I skipped the 13 last week & didn't want to again. Click link above for more participants. Leave a link ini the comments & I'll link to you here. So here goes.

1. Visited the relatives last weekend.

2. Father's Day cookout complete with 4 kinds of pie- very bad for the waistline.

3. Nephew #2 was baptised in the beautiful tiny rural church where Husband & I were married oh so long ago.

4. Discovered my dad doesn't have a brain tumor (YAY!) but is scheduled for back surgery next month (BOO!).

5. My BIL was in the ER all day yesterday. Not this problem or that one, but unsure what the problem actually might be.

6. Watched my mother knit en francais & wished I could knit en anglais. That is to say- my mother found some beautiful double sided baby patterns in a French knitting magazine & is knitting a piece or two for my brother's soon to be born child.

7. Had the XM radio stolen out of my car today

8. Spent an ungodly amount of $$ at the grocery store- summer is always uber stressful on the food budget because *surprise, surprise* the kids are home all the time! I know you're shocked.

9. Son #1 was surfing Monday when the 'puter shut down all on its own. *shock & awe & terror all 'round* Turns out it's the power strip. Thank goodness

10. Somehow keep forgetting to buy new power strip until this afternoon. Of course, as you can see, there's nothing else happening around here lately to distract me.

11. Managed to convince Daughter to bake cupcakes a couple of nights ago. Proceed to eat three hot out of the oven. Then remembered I pigged out Sunday too & I'm technically trying to 'eat healthier!' HAHAHAHA

12. Walked every day since Sunday, minimum 3 miles a day. One day of walk/jog intervals. One thing that has gone well all week.

13. Read 3 traditional Regencies this week- YAY!

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