Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday 13 #11- Road Rage

Driving pet peeves. I live in the DC 'burbs & driving here is pretty bad, although not as bad as the top 5 on this list I do not claim to be a 'perfect driver.' I am human & I lose my temper- HOWEVER- I did learn to drive in Boston. Which is city #5.

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1. Not using turn signals. I don't necessarily care if you pass me on the right, cut me off etc, but I do want to know where you're going.

2. Weaving in & out of heavy traffic at high speed. You're going to kill yourself & a few others as well.

3. Tourons (hybrid word consisting of tourist & moron & is therefore self explanatory) who decide they want that exit right there & veer over 4 lanes of traffic at 80 mph to get there.

4. Stopping in the middle of a merge lane because you're scared, intimidated, etc. If driving bothers you that much than don't put the rest of us in danger with your stupidity.

5. Not turning right on red when you're allowed to, even though there's no oncoming traffic.

6. Pulling out in front of me when there's less than 3 car lengths between us & no one behind me.

7.Driving down the emergency lane unless you're a cop or EMS.

8.Backing up in lanes, on ramps or on the highway. Are you crazy?! Go up one more & turn around!

9.Blocking traffic lanes for a fender bender. Pull over onto the shoulder. Jeez. It's just a car.

10.Blocking an intersection

11.Driving less than the posted speed on the highway. You're gonna get run over. For your own safety, if 55 mph & up is scary to you- drive on the secondaries.

12.Cell phone drivers. Note, this all the way down at 12. I've seen both really scary & surprisingly good driving while people are on the phone. It depends on the driver. Spend the extra $$ & use handsfree technology. Better yet- pull over or get in the slow lane.

13.Tailgating at high speed

Edited-Doug has his Thursday 13 up, as does Fiona

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Tara Marie said...

Love the list, especially Tourons.

Doug Hoffman said...

Tourons! Nothing but two-lane highway here, with no passing lanes. Tourist season is painful.

My list is up: the thirteen movie quotes quiz.

Fickle Fiona said...

Tourons! Oh gosh, that is it exactly! I live in Florida, it is awful here!

My list is up...I have questions about marriage.


Norma said...

My sister used to live in DC and I've seen all that. If I'd been driving, I'd definitely be a touron. But when do you see turn signals? The traffic's so jammed up all I ever saw was the backs of heads and an occasional finger.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- Husband's sister first told me about 'tourons' 20 years ago in Williamsburg. It's a great word!

Fiona- Florida must have more tourons than DC! LOL

Norma- I do see turn signals, actually. Not all the time, but often enough to make me wishful.

Doug- Stopping by to read your list.