Friday, May 05, 2006

Day on the DC Mall

My mom is visiting over the next day or so specifically so we could see the Cezanne exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. Advice- don't be cheap. Rent the audio tour. They're very good & well worth the money (in this case $5). My favorite is a watercolor, rarely seen, of a bridge with the barest of outlines of bathers in the water. Unfortunately, I could not find a print of this watercolor for sale in any of the books in the shops. *Waah* :(

It is also National Public Service Recognition Week- a fact I didn't know until we arrived on the Mall & saw a huge display of military & police vehicles, tents, police dog demos, helicopters, etc. Tons & tons of assorted vehicles to climb on, Navy divers in a tank to play tic tac toe with (via waterproof markers & plexiglass) who are VERY EASY on the eyes ladies. Mounted police. It's a kids heaven. Unfortunately, they weren't on any of the events calendars I looked at while hunting around for this post so whatever traffic they get will be purely by happenstance.


Anne E. said...

One of the best exhibits I ever saw at the National Gallery of Dutch landscape painters. It was over 20 years ago (I can't remember the exact year, but I'm thinking 1982, because we were still living in CA and were on vacation). I rented the cassett tour and I agree that it was well worth the money. When I lived in Prince William County, I often hopped up to DC on a Sat or Sun just to go to the Gallery.

Bookwormom said...

This summer I believe there will be an exhibit of Venetian Renaissance Masters- I plan to bring my mom up & take all of the kids. I'm sure it'll be amazing.