Tuesday, May 30, 2006

2 More Kenyons

I'm desperately trying to read down my TBR. Somehow I find Kenyon's work compelling & easy enough to read that I can glom three or four in a row. So far they haven't been keepers. Yet I enjoy the fact that there are recurring characters & readers get glimpses of them in subsequent books.

Night Play

You have your shapeshifter male with a huge Greek name who falls in lust with a zaftig Irish American woman who has just been dumped by her sucky tv personality boyfriend. You have your cast: the totally insane MIL, the almost but not quite trustworthy BIL, the zombified BIL, the Peltiers & their great bar Sanctuary, &, as always, Ash. So as long as you can totally suspend reality- you're in for a great read.

Seize the Night

Of all the Kenyons' I've read this one is my favorite because the hero, Valerius, is emotionally tortured. Valerius, half brother to Zarek (who has his own book, Dance with the Devil). Valerius has walled himself off because a)of his family history & b) most of the other Dark Hunters hate him due to (A). Tabitha, the local 'crazy lady' vampire huntress, empath & secret soft hearted do gooder accidentally stabs him during a fight. One thing leads to another & eventually, Tabitha gets Valerius to loosen up & let go & Valerius teaches Tabitha that not everyone thinks she's "only" the crazy lady.

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