Friday, December 01, 2006

GF Update #1

Update on Son's GF- Last we heard (Sunday night via her stepdad) she's still in ICU on a ventilator. Her kidneys are having a hard time. She's ok so far as we know. Only her parents are allowed to visit ICU, so we've not been up to see her yet. I'm hoping she'll be out of ICU by mid December so Son #1 can visit her for her birthday. She'll be 17. Son has their home phone number, but has been hesitant to call due to the holidays & work/school & travel time up to the hospital & not wanting to 'bother' anyone. If we don't hear from them by Sunday I think I'll have him call them.

Yesterday I mentioned I'd misplaced the Charles de Lint book I was struggling through. I found it in the kitchen at church last night. LOL No wonder I couldn't find it. Naturally I'd started another book, The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Excellent reading. Kinda scary. Eye opening.

Husband and I found this great Norlfolk Island Pine, about 3' tall, potted in a large plastic container. Snapped it up for only $14. If you've come by for a while, you know we live in a um..cosy little duplex. There is precious little floor space available to put up a Christmas tree. So our potted N.I.P will live on top of a table beside the piano. It hasn't been decorated yet. No one's had time to climb up into the attic to drop down the boxes of decorations.

This is the second year we've had a table top tree. Last year we had a great time collecting smaller scale decorations. We found that using what we already had made the tree look all out of proportion. This year we've found some more small, cute decorations to add a little variety. The biggest issue has been finding a place to display my collectionof M&M Christmas tins. I'm missing 3 or 4, but horizontal space to spread out the 15 + I do have was tough. The spinnet piano is just barely big enough. But then I have to find homes for the plants that usually live there. Around and around it goes.

Of course, outside I still have my Thanksgiving flag out in my garden. I want to put my favorite wreath on the door. I couldn't find my gorgeous, huge (36" across) pinecone wreath I found at a thrift shop (for $5!!) years ago. I still can't believe someone didn't want it anymore. Homemade, hand wired. In excellent condition. I think it's up in the attic. IIRC, the males in my family promised they would get it down anytime I wanted to put it on the door. That'll be this weekend. You think they'll be willing??


Jenster said...

Hey Amanda -

I'll continue to keep her and her family in my prayers.

We don't have a tree yet. In fact, we haven't done any Christmas decorating as of this very moment. Way too windy today! I guess that doesn't excuse my lack of decor inside. lol That would be due to laziness, I suppose. :o)


CindyS said...

Oh my goodness - I missed the post about son #1's GF! Your son is being very mature by giving them all space. I hope and pray that she will have a speedy recovery and a wonderful long and healthy life.

As to decorating I seem to be in a state of lethargy and the thought of even going to cut down a tree is draining.

My mom made her own pine cone wreath about 20 years ago - I wonder if she still has it. Hand wired every cone she did.


Mailyn said...

Oh man sorry to hear that the GF is still in ICU. I say just call them and leave a short message. Maybe it will cheer them up a little since it must be so horrible what they are going through. Lots of good vibes and thoughts headed your way from me and mom.

Bookwormom said...

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers. I will update as often as I have new information.