Friday, April 28, 2006

A Singular Lady; Megan Frampton

One of the last Signet traditional Regencies, this was published in 2005. I feel this romance turns upon two individuals who manage to fall in love despite the fact that the basis of the hero & heroine's relationship is the classic "Big Misunderstanding." I realize certain topics were anathema for public discussion (especially with women), but I consistently felt that Titania & Edwin needed to 'fess up & get real.

Edwin Worthington recently returned to England after being exiled by his father, deliberately hides his life circumstances from as many people of the Ton as possible (including the heroine) the better to see who his "true" friends are. He seems to be a suspicious & bitter person, although I felt he has valid reasons.

The heroine, Titania Stanhope, an honor bound, responsible young lady of twenty three is burdened with an impoverished title for her younger brother, debts in their wastrel father's name far far beyond what she could ever hope to pay & the requisite evil family members threatening debtor's prison & humiliation. It is imperative Titania marry a very wealthy man while hiding her family's circumstances. Yesterday or perhaps the day before if possible. Yet somehow members of the Ton, including the hero, are under the impression Titania has a healthy dowery. How has this happened?

It was an enjoyable read, although I really felt the hero & heroine's relationship was based on lust & deliberate mutual disinformation until the very last pages. All of the loose strings were also conveniently wrapped up as well. Unfortunately, not one of the more stellar Regencies I've read recently.

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Thanks for reading my book, I am sorry you didn't enjoy it more, but I appreciate your taking the time to blog about it.