Sunday, April 02, 2006

Seed starting

I've never tried this before, other than morning glory seeds. However, Son #2 is determined to attempt it. We've collected petunia, moonflower, zinnia & balsam seed packets. We started them on wet paper towels inside ziploc baggies in a south facing window. I got him to edge my beds yesterday. Quite a feat for a ten year old with more desire to help than weight to shove the spade (although it's sharpened) into the soil. Wish us luck!

The professional cycling season has begun. Husband & I now spend Sunday afternoon watching the races in Europe.

I'm about one third of the way through & so far it's typically excellent McKillip. More when I'm done. No website for her, unfortunately.

Also- a few people have begun a new romance oriented message board, still in its infancy.Link on the sidebar. Hopefully, it will grow & grow. Blogging & HTML help. Suggested books. Chat. Links to helpful sites. Etc. I'm very excited!

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