Friday, April 21, 2006

Three More off the TBR

Lady Scandal

Written by Shannon Donnelly & published by Zebra in 2004. This is a DNF because I don't like the hero. He manages to hold a grudge for ten years & initiates plans to 'punish' heroine for what she did. Turns out they had a flaming, torrid affair while she was married to another. It ended badly after her husband dies & she chose to end the affair in order to spare her school age son the shunning & the gossip he (the son) would have suffered had the h/h married. Meanwhile, the hero alternates between petulant pouting & twisting the heroine up in knots of guilt & duty. He is remarkably self centered.

Her Perfect Earl

Written by Bethany Brooks and published by Signet in 2005. Esmeralda Fortune fancies herself a classics scholar & poses as a governess to gain access to a family who owns a rare scroll by a little known ancient Roman poetess. Unfortunately, the owner is in dire financial straits & is estranged from his children. Because of the money problems, Ashforth is very near to offering for the daughter of an obscenely wealthy Cit in order to keep the family seat & maintain their status. Then there are Ashforth's five rambunctious children. The youngest of whom persists in either climbing on the roof or jumping into the pond.

Will Esmerelda find the poem & complete her studies? Will Ashforth muzzle his conscience & marry the Cit's greedy daughter? Can anyone tame & educate the children? Contains excellent groveling at the end.

Under the Kissing Bough

Written by Shannon Donnelly & published by Zebra 2001. Meek & mild wallflower Eleanor Glover accpts an offer from Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines. Staines' father is dying & demands his son must marry Christmas Eve so he (the father) can die in peace. Eleanor is overwhelmingly shy and afraid of crowds, which makes it difficult for Staines to get to know her. Being a quiet observer, Eleanor slowly falls in love with Staines while realizing he plans to have a marriage of convenience only. Staines realizes Eleanor has more depth than he expected- if only he can get her to himself a little bit and figure out just what scheme his father has cooked up for him.
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