Monday, April 24, 2006

Losing My Way

I spent some time wandering around the local big box bookstore last night and was dismayed that I couldn't find a single thing other than the two books I was looking for. I was in an odd mood I guess. Well, that's not strictly true.

I've been off kilter reading wise for about a week or so. I started & put down three separate romances in three separate subgenres. One was written in some wierd 'sailor's dialect.' I don't know what else to call it. It was a pirate/smuggler romance (which I've not read in ages) by an author I'd not heard of before, but it was only a quarter at the library sale. Tossed into the trade bag immediately. I hate dialect. Scottish. American Southern. Native American. Whatever. Just write in standard English, please.

So anyhow, I'm not reading much of anything. Bad sign. I'm slowly working my way through Piers Anthony's Bio of an Ogre, the first of his autobiographies. I love his touch. Light. Deft. Unique outlook. Turns out I am woefully behind in the Xanth series. And did you know- he's written two volumes of erotica! Knock me over with a feather.

Here's wishing better reading blessings to you~


Tara Marie said...

I've been off kilter reading wise for about a week or so...

I've just blogged about this very thing. I hate when this happens. I'm reading a Rachel Gibson and hoping it works for me.

I hope you find what you need too.


Bookwormom said...

Thanks, Tara!

Anne E. said...

I've actually perked up on my romance reading, after going through a long spell of reading everything but a romance. Just did a post on my blog regarding Eloisa James -- I finished "Kiss Me, Annabel" today and just loved it. The first one of her books that I acually "got," as I explained in my post. Am now looking forward to the next two in the series.

Have you read the book "His Majesty's Dragon"? It is next in my TBR pile -- a cross between The Dragonriders of Pern and Patrick O'Brian, I'm told. It looks good, and is the first of a series, just published last year.

Anne E. said...

You must get the dragon book! I started it yesterday afternoon and am half way through it. If you like the Napoleonic Wars and dragons, you should love this book (the dragons are wonderful!).

Darlene Marshall said...

I found your comments on dialect interesting, since one of my romance novels (Smuggler's Bride) features a 19th C. Florida smuggler who uses some Cracker phrasing and dialect. Is there a point at which a little bit becomes too much? What's the tipping point with dialect for you as a reader?