Thursday, April 13, 2006

Still alive

Sorry posting has been light lately. Family life has been on overdrive. What little free time I've had has been spent hiding in a boiling hot tub full of bubbles peeling off several layers of skin. I've missed you guys & plan to spend the remainder of this afternoon catching up on everybody's blogs.

I'm not dead yet, although some days I really wish the Star Trek teleporter existed. School vacation weeks are hell on wheels- literally. Drive them here drive them there. Drive them to this other place. We want to visit so & so at such & such & they are already expecting us. We can't cancel. No we did not bother to ask permission/inform the family chauffeur first.

What else has been happening? Oh yes- family members begged me to have Easter dinner. Other family members said nope, we aren't/can't come so don't bother. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! No family coming in from out of town after all. The result of which- we were invited to friends' & hopefully we can eat with them. If not- ham & all the trimmings here. Just us & all of the DVDs we haven't had time to watch yet. And no I won't answer the phone so don't bother to call me.

Currently Reading

Minion by L.A. Banks. Yes, I know I'm waaayyyy behind. Yes, I very much regret allowing this great little book to become buried in my TBR. Scary , urban vampires meet religious, astrology & horoscope wielding guardians. Molotov cocktails made of vials of holy water. Bullets made of consecrated ground. Unseen entities that help you get it on in the shower. What's not to love?! Fantastic stuff. Especially after a hectic day.

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