Monday, April 10, 2006

Dark Demon; Christine Feehan

I'd very nearly given up on Christine Feehan before this title. Her heroines were too tortured. I couldn't relate. Even as a reader who primarily relates to & falls in love with heroes, I had so much trouble with these chicks I decided this title would be my last one. If the heroines weren't a bit more, I can't say normal, but less tormented & less whiney than I'd drop Ms. Feehan.

This heroine worked for me, although I've read comments elsewhere that certain readers found Natalya Shonski 'too hard edged.' I guess this means I'm firmly on the Carpathian bandwagon, at least through the 'reunion' hardcover due. Natalya is part human, part mage, part Carpathian & blessed with a tigress as an alternate form. Her lifemate, Vikirnoff von Schreider is a Carpathian who'd been sent across the Atlantic to keep Natalya safe from a band of vampires.

Vik, as Natalya calls him, binds her to him right away; discovering afterward that this is no meek & mild miss willing to be his subservient doormat. Natalya has been on her own for a long time & is fully capable of taking care of herself. With the help of an impressive arsenal & some hairspray. She will accept an equal partner or no one. Natalya tells Vik he either moves into the twentieth century or else she's going to figure out a way to undo the Lifemate blood bond/spell he sicced on her.

The subplot that had been moving along at a glacial pace through the series is FINALLY coming to a boiling point- I hope. This book moves us signifigantly towards what I assume to be a sort of culiminating event in the forthcoming hardcover Dark Celebration due 5 September. Feehan, however, is gifted with creativity so all of this conjecture may be for naught.

If strong heroines & confident males are your dish, you like to revist old friends from previous books & the whole soulmate thing doesn't bother you than this is a great book. If you've hung in with Feehan until now because of the subplot, this pushes it along a goodly bit. If you like action adventure paranormal romance this may be to your taste.

For myself, I'm happy the Carpathians and their Lifemates are back in top form. Keeper.


Bev (BB) said...

Are you serious that possibly the most pivotal book in that series is coming out in hardback first?


I think I need to check her website more often. ;p

Bookwormom said...

Unfortunately, yes. I am serious. This is going to toally screw up my bookcases.