Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paranoid anyone?!

Yesterday Husband drops me off at the library & leaves to run a bunch of errands. One of my favorite things, a quiet library. Anyhow, when he returned he told me the most bizarre story. While on the way to Son #2's school he ended up following a white Land Rover covered with military special forces stickers for several miles. As we live in a heavily populated suburban area, this should not have been unusual.

While stopped at a particularly long light, an older man (driving said SUV) wound his window down & asked my husband, "Why are you following me?" Husband, who'd rolled his window down thinking maybe he had a tailight out or a tire flat or something innocuous, started laughing. See, this is the suburbs of DC. There are any number of truly powerful important peole who live here. This man however was clearly not one of them.

After catching his breath Husband answered, "Grandpa, the Vietnam war is over. There aren't any Viet Cong living in northern Virginia. I hope your flashbacks aren't too bad. For your information, I'm on my way to pick up my son at elementary school."
With that the light turned green & Husband drove off.

Now, this was on a major thoroughfare on a major commuter route. I have been stalked & it is a truly terrifying scenario. If this old man honestly thought he was being followed, why didn't he simply stop at a public place or drive to a nearly police station? What purpose would confronting a complete stranger at a stoplight do?

Road rage around here can be a very serious, occasionally violent event. Husband is not always the most patient & tolerant of men. He is also a large man (all the better to snuggle with, my dear!). What was the geezer thinking? Or not thinking, as the case may be. I mean really. We drive a very common commuter vehicle, same make & model & color etc. seen quite often. How many others has he accused this of? Obviously his ego & overly inflated sense of importance makes him suspicious. HAHAHA

Now I'm going to look at every vehicle similar to that one & wonder if this was the guy who is becoming a paranoid schizophrenic (sp).

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