Friday, April 07, 2006

Lover Eternal, J.R. Ward

If you like vampire romance, go buy this. That's the quick & easy version. This isn't overly dark, as far as vampire romances go, IMO. The heroine gets a tad whiney at the end, despite my understanding & agreement that in her circumstances she has every right to be the way she is. I just found her a little too.. I can't quite put my finger on it. She redeems herself in the end. Rhage (or however the hell Ward spells it) is totally believable. Yummy, delicious & I really wish the Husband's eyes would glow in the dark like his- but, hey, I guess we can't have it all. Too bad Ward didn't have the marriage ceremony at the end of this one as she did at the end of Dark Lover, but we did see more of the Scribe Virgin & get a better sense of how she operates. Keeper.

BTW- traveling this weekend, so I may not return until Monday. Have a great weekend all!
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