Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen random facts about me. Not that I'm truly an exhibitionist, but sometimes people wonder what your little quirks are.

1. I was born in the same area the movie On Golden Pond was filmed. I love to watch the movie & reminisce about my childhood.

2. I cry at the drop of a hat during movies & tv shows, but for a book? Very rarely. Thus nearly all books that I cry for/with I keep.

3. I am completely musically illiterate. The only way I am able to be in the handbell choir is because I'm able to count to four. Over & over & over.That & the fact that I'm only responsible for two dots. Don't ever ask me to sing.

4. I actually enjoy cleaning. No, I'm not German or Swiss either. Yes, I realize this makes me a freak. No, I won't come & clean your house. I dislike other people's dirt.

5. Related to #2- I love horror & science fiction novels, but rarely watch similar tv shows. Something about the translation from written to visual rarely works for me.

6. I prefer to exercise outside, at night. After 9 pm if possible. Not that I'm exercising much nowadays. No excuses. I'm just lazy by nature.

7. I love to bake pastries, thus I really need to return to #6. Desparately.

8. Back to #2 & #5; it can be hard to get me laugh out loud. I have an odd sense of humor I suppose. Dennis Miller & PG Wodehouse & the Piers Anthony Xanth books are funny. Sarcasm & irony are often very funny to me, even if they skate on the edge of cruelty. Visual or physical humor (ie the Three Stooges, Jim Carrey, Benny Hill) isn't funny to me, neither is crudity or stupidity. I'm hard to please.

9. The scent of lilacs, jasmine & old English roses brings me back to my grandmother's garden.

10. I only dated one man shorter than 6' & he was a Marine (which made up for it, lol). Don't get on my case about this either, Husband!

11. The only place to get great Tex-Mex food is Texas. Big surprise. I REALLY miss San Antonio. Taco Kitchen or Cristina's are fantastic. Avoid the Riverwalk 'cuz it's a huge ripoff. The best, most authentic regional foods are often cooked by people who barely speak English.

12. There isn't much fantastic regional food to be had in the middle of the US. The exception might be Blue Bunny ice cream & fresh beef. If you like fish or shellfish forget it.

13. Hawaiian pizza or mac & cheese finished off with ice cream & chocolate would be the perfect meal. My kids made all of these for me for Mother's Day last year & it was great! I think I gained 10 pounds that day though.



leesa said...

You sound like you're a moonchild, and in Nebraska... We have a blue bunny plant..

Steak is about the only regional food worth having here.. that and Runza's. :)

Good 13!

sybil said...

You should come back and visit ;)