Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A. Kelleher News

We exchanged a couple of emails, Ms. Kelleher & I. The good news being she has another trilogy set in the same world as the Silver series. Publication date unknown as of yet. The prequel is coming in September though. And no she doesn't have a website.

Closer to home I've started reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It's written in a first person stream of consciousness type style. Which I find a bit hard to follow. It feels like she's sitting beside me talking a mile a minute & she won't slow down or take a breath & my attention is wandering. Sunshine caught & held me but I had to stop & reread a paragraph or two.

Tuesdays & Thursdays are drive all over creation, to hell & back type days. So if you've a mind to send some good thoughts (ie: that I manage to get everywhere I need to go safely) aloft on my behalf. And if you've a mind to, have a tipple or two for me!


Anne E. said...

Amanda, this question has to do with the Carlyle book "One Little Sin." In that book, which I just finished, there is a mention of a scandal that happened before the opening of the book. It had to do with the murder or suicide of a woman, whom I believe was an actress. I assume that must have been from a previous book. Are you familiar with the book: the title, whether it was part of another series?

Bookwormom said...

Anne E- Unfortunately I've not read this author so I've no idea. I've several of her books in the TBR, but they've not been read yet. Sorry! Maybe Tara knows.

Anne E. said...

Thanks! It was probably T. Marie who reads Carlyle.