Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday 13#48~ Family Update

Thirteen Things about Bookwormom

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1. Anime Queen & Pianist started the new school year Tuesday past.

2. I was amused to discover that higher functioning calculators can be hacked. Kids add games LOL 0__0 and notes. IT smarties (like Pianist & College Student) know how to hide the notes from the teachers even when the teachers take the calculators & ‘clear them’. Kids are feral, I swear. You always have to stay one step ahead.

3. As the kids age, the supply lists get shorter although the dollar value rises. Figures.

4. College Student was here for a flying overnight visit. We needed Pianist’s bike returned from Grandmere’s and the CS needed $$$.

5. Anime Queen’s schedule is messed up. She has two seventh periods and no third. She emailed the necessary folks Thursday last and they expect to see her first thing Tuesday morning.

6. Staying with Anime Queen she will continue to work one evening and one afternoon a week, making sure to leave Friday nights free for football and basketball games and sleepovers.

7. The Pianist has decided to join the robotics team at school this year. Maybe this will bleed off some of his need to hack every single electronic or technology related item he can lay his hands on. Hopefully.

8. I’m thinking about taking a bellydance class late this fall. There’s a group nearby whose instructors are Egyptian & have a good reputation. It’ll be a problem trying to fit it into the transportation grid here at Bookwormom Central, but I’m hopeful.

9. Why is kids never want to cook anything until after you’ve just finished cleaning?

10. Pianist has steady money coming in. He gets paid to iron his father’s shirts. $2 a shirt, which is .30 more than the dry cleaner down the street, but without the noxious fumes. The caveat? If we decide he hasn’t done a good enough job he has to redo it for free, which he thinks is a crock but I didn’t budge. No money for a crappy job, pal. Deal. Anyone who knows me knows I refuse to iron, so he’ll have regular cash money.

11. One of College Student’s golden arches coworkers is a freshie downstate where he attends school. He saw her crossing the parking lot a few days ago.

12. Hubby has returned to school too, with what has to be one of the most burned out humanities professors ever. Gave everyone a huge lecture about being ‘grownups’ now in ‘real school’. This to a weekend class with mostly working and/or older students. Grammar and punctuation count. Don’t ask stupid questions. Blah blah blah. Jeez. Way to get things off on a good foot. He’s already decided he’s gonna let her have it with both barrels on the survey later in the course.
13. Speaking of Hubby , this is his last year. God willing and the creek don’t rise, he’ll graduate next May


annie kelleher said...

haha - so true about the list getting smaller but the price tags going up up up! :) thanks for stopping by and saying hi... i will be sure to let you knwo when teh Angel book is ready! :)

Bookwormom said...

Hi Annie- My waistline needs that book of yours! ;)