Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday in DC

Both images found on Wikimedia; image of Ben's Chili Bowl taken by Ben Schumin.

Yesterday was the last day the Afghanistan exhibit was open in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art on the Mall up in DC. We took Metro since we also wanted to try the locally famous Ben's Chili Bowl chili half smokes.

The exhibit was crowded, as one would expect to find on the last day, but it was nice to see all of the kids wandering around with little quiz booklets hunting up answers. The only irritating problem was all of the old folks who need new glasses and a brush up with Miss Manners. It seems that if you have an old grey head you're automatically absolved of all behavior faux pas, including standing directly in front of exhibits less than two inches away from the glass for as long as you damn well please. And heaven forfend anyone might say excuse me. The exhibit moves to San Francisco, then Houston and finally NYC.

The jewelry was delicate and often finely detailed. Set with some local jewels, notably lapis lazuli and carnelian. Some of the hair ornaments? I'd buy replicas. They are unique. You could see the Indian and Chinese influences. I was amazed that such small pieces survived a harsh climate and nomadic life and burial. It makes me sad that the Taliban has been running amok over there destroying the Afghanis cultural artifacts- not to mention the people. These priceless objects have been saved twice at least in recent decades. Once they return, will they remain so?

Ben's was crowded too, but everyone there was on their best behavior despite the huge line, the incredible crowding and the din of 70's disco music that my hubby says was James Brown. We all had a great time, except AQ who ordered the chili instead of her better tolerated grilled cheese. She didn't like the chili all that much, poor thing. She can be finicky. I had an all beef dog & fries- no chili. I've had awful reflux recently & I didn't want to risk it on the long ride back home. Pianist gulped his chili drenched half smoke in record time, prompting Hubby to tell him he could have another one if he was willing to wait in line again. LOL No dice.

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