Sunday, September 14, 2008

SeducingthePrince; Patricia Grasso

One of my favorite hero types has always been Russian princes and I usually enjoy Ms. Grasso’s books, so I excitedly snatched this one up. It helped that I’d read another one in this group earlier this year. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. Seducing the Prince is a regency published by Zebra in 2005.

I felt Regina Bradford was a modern woman plopped down into a Regency setting. Using familiar nicknames upon introduction into upper society, using a dog to protect herself from her husband’s abuses, she’s a mushroom (merchant’s social climbing offspring) who doesn’t appear to have been taught the etiquette and demeanor expected of upper class women. Which is highly unlikely considering that’s all her father wants for her. Her expectations of how royalty would behave towards her in an extreme circumstance is naive at best. Then there are issues with language and word usage inappropriate for the time and setting. Then there’s the idea that a member of the royal family would marry such a woman. Dally with. Keep as a mistress. Not marry.

I’m very disappointed. As mentioned above I’ve read this author previously and enjoyed her work and I usually enjoy the Russian prince as a hero. Not this time.


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