Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our twenty first anniversary. Hubby had to work all day and I had a million errands to run, but the evening was all ours. Ours and Tropical Storm Hannah's that is. There was a guy in a top hat and jacket on the dock who had a couple of card tables with various glasses filled with liquid and played a very accurate version of Ode to Joy to huge applause. It was amazing how fast his fingers flew around the rims of the glasses and how accurately they were tuned. The crystal rings quite clearly and carried out over the water easily. I did wonder, though, if he'd end up with blisters on his fingers. ;)

You see, our favorite anniversary tradition is to take a tour boat up the Potomac to the docks in Georgetown and back down to Virginia. We never stay up there. The restaurants are too chichi for my taste and we rarely drink anymore. And the shopping is too expensive. So we always come straight back. Usually we have dinner out somewhere in Old Town. This year was fish and chips-very pedestrian I know, but this place always has fresh caught fish. The fish place was pretty quiet, it was early (just after 6 pm). Thank goodness. It gets really loud in there when its busy.
And ice cream (bananas on the rum from B&J is FAB! BTW) after the cruise.

The cruise was quiet too. The hurricane predictions may have kept the tourists away, although the river was peaceful. It spitted (spat?!) rain steadily the whole time we were out, about an hour and half or so. The sky grew heavier and heavier with clouds as we motored north up the Potomac so we couldn't see the sunset. The steel grey clouds were perfect to watch the planes taking off and landing at the airport. The planes' lights are brighter against the dark clouds, helping you pick them out faster. They fly in and out right over the river, the lights glitter and shine on the water growing and shrinking like shadows across a lawn over the daytime. The new bridge between Maryland and Virginia has white lights strung across the edge, from a distance at night it looks like a pearl necklace flung from one shore to another. There's another bridge between Maryland and DC that has intense sapphire blue lights barely visible as we passed up the left fork. Very noticeable on the dark water.

So as we eat our ice cream we wander up the hill toward the parking deck where we'd left the car and the steady spitting rain gradually grew heavier and heavier. We decided no music this year since the forecasters were calling for high winds and heavy rain and the kids were home alone. Just as we pulled out of the deck the heavens opened and torrents and buckets of water poured down. We finished our little evening out on the river just in time.

BTW, if Maman or Lovely Sister reads this- the beautiful embroidered rose colored dress you altered for me fit perfectly! Thank you!


Alison said...

I'm so glad you got to wear it for such a great night. It makes me so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself and looked splendid, too !

annie kelleher said...

thanks for the kind wishes! i feel much better now. and happy anniversary! so glad you had a nice time - between the deluge and not feeling great, we've yet to celebrate Beloved's birthday.

Bookwormom said...

Alison~ We need to get together soon. :)

Annie~ Feel better soon. It's miserable being sick. And belated Happy birthday to Beloved.