Saturday, February 11, 2006

Review: Lord Nightengale's Debut

Written by Judith Lansdowne & published by Zebra in 2000, this the first of a four book quartet starring a matchmaking parrot named Lord Nightengale. Nicholas Earl of Wickenshire is in residence at a ramshackle, run down manor attempting to restore it when he discovers his eccentric aunt bequeathed him over three hundred thousand pounds. IF he can teach Lord Nightengale to sing a song by June first.

Serendipity (Sera) Bedford & her sister Divine (God save us from the cutesy names, please) are about to be thrown out on their ear by the distant relative inheriting their father's title (their mother having been derelict in her duty to provide a male heir). Luckily, Nicholas' cousin Eugenia comes to the rescue in the nick of time and gets Sera the job of teaching Lord Nightengale to sing.

Enter a mysterious plot involving the butler & Eugenia, a nefarious plot between a male cousin & the new heir to Sera's father's title, the necessity of teaching the bird to sing, new puppies & kittens. Well, there you have it. A slightly gothic country house party, well adjusted hero & heroine, adorable animals & children. Overall, a nicely done light afternoon's reading.

New Treasures:

1. Briar Rose by Jane Yolen- Part of the Fairy Tale series, published in 1992. The Holocost meets the traditional German fairytale Briar Rose.

2. Haunted by Kelly Armstrong, 2005 Bantam

3. Moon Called by Particia Briggs, 2006 Ace


sybil said...

I am reading Haunted right now! I have to say I am really looking forward to Broken.

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