Thursday, February 02, 2006

Desperately Seeking...manga titles

I need manga/anime recommendations & websites. Our daughter is a fangirl of this type of graphic novel & I'd like to be able to share some of her excitement (& possibly even have a conversation!). A common activity if you will. The problem is I've no idea where to begin. She reads the ones based on TV programs, but I'd like to branch away from those. My favorite UBS doesn't have any so I'll buy them new, if that makes a difference. Please point me in the right direction towards websites, authors, series names, things to be aware of, etc. TIA!


sybil said...

I way don't get Manga but I do believe avid reader likes them and has posted about them.

I am not sure if she is moving posts from her old blog her not but you can post to the new one and I am sure she could tell you all about it :).

All I know would be some Harl. were done... presents? maybe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I read alot of manga and it's not the ones from the tv shows. You can find these titles at the regular bookstores. Here are some titles you may like to check out: Marmalade Boy, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Hot Gimmick, Boys Over Flowers, and Ceres: Celestial Legend. I have read or are currently reading those titles right now.

Happy manga reading!
Amy in NJ

Bookwormom said...

Sybil- Thanks for the tip, I'll drop by this weekend & ask avid reader what she thinks.

Amy in NJ- Hi! I haven't heard from you in a while, how're things? Thanks for the info, I'll hunt around for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

How have you been? Things are good. Busy as hell at work because of tax season. Mind you, I still have about two and half to three months of this to put up with. If I haven't lost my mind by then I'll consider myself very lucky, lol.

I'm also trying housebreak the new puppy I got before Christmas. His name is Roger, after the alien from American Dad. He's a Jack Russell also, can't help it I'm such a sucker for that breed despite the fact that they're such badasses, lol.

Amy in NJ

Bookwormom said...

Amy- I'm glad you're still dropping in here & there. I'll just bet you'll be sertiifable to April. I know I will be.

Roger sounds like a sweetie, if a bit active? Will you train him for agility ot whatever they call those doggie obstacle courses?

Avid Reader said...

Hi Amanda,

I've recently started reading manga and enjoy it very much. I started out with recommendations from a pal then branched out from there. I like manga this smart and with a balance of story and action. I've enjoyed Helsing if you enjoy horror and fun. I just recently finished reading the first three volumes of Deathnote that is very macabre but very smart. I love it. It's a match of wits between two very smart kids. I'll have to do a manga blog one day next week and will drop you a link. I'd hate to take up your comments section but there are a lot of good manga titles out there. I don't read the ones that are television based or try not to another good one to start is Naruto which is fun. I've only read the first three but that one is wildly popular. I like it. Ok, enough :-)


sybil said...


see... keishon gets it. Me not so much.

Although I am willing to take her books to help her make space for her new manga's. Yes I have a big heart ;).

Hope you find something that works.

ag said...

hey Amanda,

My daughter and niece digs Inuyasha, but they prefer the anime series. I've read the movie mangas and love them, although in this part of my world, it comes in Mandarin.

I think the series is out circulating in the US. Manga lovers also like to produce fanart and fanfiction. and one of the best sites for fanart is While you're at it, check out .

Bookwormom said...

Hi AG, thanks for stopping by! My daughter loves Inuyasha too. Thanks for giving me some pointers.