Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Review: Charming the Highlander

I really fell in love with the hero in this book. Grey MacKeage was transported forward in time eight hundred years & now lives on a mountain in Maine, trying to open a ski resort. He and Grace Sutter and her infant nephew are involved in a plane crash. Enduring that harrowing adventure together create a bond between them that only strenghtens. Grace must grieve for her sister, care for her newborn nephew; deal with her ambitious, yet amoral boss & unravel a mystery that defies all of her mathematician's logic and fall love with Grey.

Grey must outgrow an ancient feud, learn the ways of modern women, cope with the physics of icefall & elude sorcerers & hired gunmen. Meanwhile Grey gives Grace the room to come to terms with her sister's death & returning custody of her nephew to his father. He isn't pushy or emtionally demanding, but he makes it clear Grace is his & he loves her.

YUM! You gotta love a man like that. Written by Janet Chapman this is the first book in a series. I regret that I ignored it, sitting there wedged into my TBR shelves. Now though I can go out & hunt for the remainder! Hooray! Book shopping! Anyhow, this is a keeper for the moment, but I'm undecided if it'll endure all year.


Kendra Clark said...

Nice blog. Great suggestions. My TBR pile just increased.

ag said...

hmmm.. time travel and highlanders. Sounds like my kinf od book too.