Saturday, February 18, 2006

Olympics Junkie

Why do I always want to start by saying "SO"?! It's a very odd verbal tic I guess. Anyhow (another tic), I enjoy some of the weird sports- like curling for example. The men's Sweden vs. USA match was excellent. All of those blond Swedes were totally YUMMY! Jeez, maybe I oughta delete that. Husband reads this & had a fit when I said in a review that I like green eyed men.

I also like snowboardcross. The U.S. girl who got a silver for showboating (& subsequently falling) before she crossed the finish line deserves to be taken down a peg. Pride goeth before a fall. Celebrating before you win is crass. Our uniforms are too bland BTW. No pizazz.

The flip side of the coin being the U.S. skier who was in a big crash a few days ago & persists in competing despite severe pain? A masochist. I'm tired of the U.S. commentators saying what a brave competitor she is, how mentally tough she is, etc. Stupid is more like it.

Husband played college football in a major nationally competitive (not Olympic level sports, but more than your average person) & regrets how often he played while injured 'to prove he was a good team player'. Now he has chronic pain issues. She's young, she needs to go to Kmart & buy a clue. Pain is a signal that perhaps you ought to stop & reevaluate.

What else? The Swiss men's hockey team beat the Canadians! WOW!!! Sorry to our northern neighbors, but it was a fantastic game. The Swiss goalie took something like twenty two shots in the third period & completely shut out the Candians for the first time since 1988. Stats thanks to NBC commentators.

Saving the best for last- one of the Swiss fans wore a cow outfit topped with horns & a red wig & frantically waved a cowbell in each hand. Very, very cool. And yet, somehow I find the Hogette Redskins fans too out there. Then again- I hate football.

Best commercial- the one that shows the mens' ski team summer training on the road sans shirts. BIG SIGH


Anne E. said...

I certainly know much more about curling now than I did before -- and I had actually been tipped off to it several years ago by my son. It has actually been my favorite this year, but the women's figure skating hasn't started yet, so...

CindyS said...

Dang, I missed someone hotdoggin'? I always miss the good stuff.

I was watching the moguls the other night and all I can say is that those people are going to be having lots of knee surgery in the future.

I told my husband the only Olympic sport I could do would be that cross-country ski thing where they shoot targets. I can't remember the name of it and now I'm wondering if it is still allowed at the Olympics. Here's hoping.

Ah, and as a Canadian, we need to be taken down a peg or two sometimes. It just smarts when it is hockey ;)

Tara Marie said...

Best commercial- the one that shows the mens' ski team summer training on the road sans shirts. BIG SIGH--BIG BIG SIGH is right!!

We've been watching hit or miss, but I try to see the morning news to hear results everyday.

Anne E. said...

I think you are refering to the Biatholon, Cindy. I know of no reason why it wouldn't be allowed in the Olympics, if something like Skelton is allowed! I could do the shooting part, but not the skiing.

Kristie (J) said...

Isn't the snowboard cross fun to watch? I thought it was great. And what I really thought was a hoot were the uniforms they wear. Compare them to the downhill for example. I must say I was pretty disappointed in the men's skating though. And I agree with Cindy. WAAAYYY to much emphasis is placed on hockey - at least on the CBC station. These are all professional players for pete's sake. For every nation competing. We can watch that any old time. I'd probably be run out of the country but I would much rather watch snowboarding than hockey - and I like hockey.

Bookwormom said...

CindyS- Completely agree re: future knee surgery for the mogul skiiers. In the U.S. Canadians have a rep for being modest, IMO we are the ones who need to be more modest.

Tara- Our house is crazy for the Olympics. Resulting in nearly every moment being DVR'd & obsessed over. It's no wonder I'm getting heavier by the day! LOL

Anne E- It is indeed biatholon (sp?). Hooray for the French guy V. DeFranes. The soldier. Gold medalist.

Kristie(J)- I like the colorful snowboardcross uniforms too, which is why I'm disappointed with the U.S'. I like the ice dancing, but I was a bit surprised at the skimpy costumes the ladies are wearing this year. Or maybe I've forgotten since last time? They seem a bit more risque
to me is all.