Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Review: Sex, Lies & Vampires

Written by Katie MacAlister. A unique combination of love and laughter, paranormal & chick lit Ms. MacAlister has caught & held my attention better than paranormals in a similar vein (ie: Lynsay Sands & Rosemary Laurey). This title, which I think is third of four books, is set in central Europe & London. Professor Nell Harris, medieval historian, is caught snooping in a castle by Adrian Tomas. Interesting & irrelevant aside- my copy has Adrian's name misspelled on the back cover.

Adrian is known as the Betrayer by his people because he has been enslaved by a demon & is thus compelled to do whatever the demon wants, including turning over his own people to the demon. Nell is a repressed, semiamnesiac Charmer; a person who can draw wards & undo them, as well as perform various spells. Once Adrian realizes what Nell can do, he wants her to undo the demon's curse on him, plus help him free his ensorcelled nephew.

Nell really appealed to me because she totally believes in Adrian & his goodness. When the chips were down, there she was- in his corner. Adrian is the first hero I remember who is emotionally vulnerable (although he doesn't see it that way, LOL). Nell does the emotional heavy lifting in this relationship, which fortunately is lightened with a hefty dose of humor. I love a couple who are supportive & able to laugh at themselves. Rare qualities indeed.


ag said...

I just bought MacAllister's 'Blow Me Down'. The synop sounds intriguing, H?H are online gamers.

Plus, the illustration of the pirate on the cover reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I know ... shouldn't judge a book by its cover. :)

Bookwormom said...

I missed that one. Let us know what you thionk of it when you're done?