Monday, February 06, 2006

Follow Up: The Autobuy ?

This is a follow up to the Thursday February 2nd post on Book Lovers' Nook titled The Autobuy Question. AG raises many thought provoking questions which I decided to answer here so as not to hog her comments. I found AG via Kristie(J).

For me characterization outweighs nearly all. Slow pacing is no big deal. Loose plotting is ok as long as other factors keep me involved. Sexual tension is important although I do read 'sweet' romances & most of the time I don't miss the sex. Once in a while I've read a sweet romance & fell so in love with the hero I wished they would get it on. *blushes* It is enough that the couple ends up together & committed at the end.

As to series, I tend to be loyal until I feel either a) I can't relate to the heroines (Christine Feehan), b) they all blend in together (Bridgertons), c) one of them TOTALLY turns me off (Slightly) or d) I'm ready to move on. Hope springs eternal though. Some authors, especially ones whom I've heartily enjoyed, I'm very reluctant to give up on. I do not read anthologies, I find the quality too inconsistant & books are too expensive.

I have followed autobuys into other subgenres, ie: Elizabeth Lowell & Julie Garwood. I am a huge fangirl of Anne Stuart & I read her romantic suspense. She is the only romantic suspense author I read. I no longer read Garwood or Lowell mysteries, but that's mostly because I prefer international spy thrillers, which neither of them write.

An autobuy, for me, means I do not: read the blurb, read the first chapters, ask friends for reccs or read reviews. My romance autobuys are: Gaelen Foley, Anne Stuart, Adrienne Basso, Susan Squires, Lynn Kurland, P.C. Cast, Melanie Jackson, Shana Abe. A partial list of romance authors I follow, but who are not autobuys are: S. Laurens, J. Quinn, J. Beverley, M. Balogh, E. James, C. Dodd, C. Feehan, among others.


Anne E. said...

Per your message on my blog, V.H. used to be an auto-buy for me but something happened and I stopped reading her books. I actually recommend the one I am reading, "Unmasked." Shirl Hinke used to be an auto-buy for me, when she was writing wonderful detailed historical westerns. But her recent books are a total turn-off, and she has now gone to romantic suspense!

sybil said...

your last paragraph made me rethink the auto-buy question...

And you are right there are some, I will get regardless. Hell I can read the blurb and I think I won't like it and still get it, as in Jo Goodman's book *loved after I read it though*.

Where there are tons of authors I 'follow' but do want info on first.

Adrienne Basso! She is an author I found completely on accident. How is she so over looked. The few I have read were great with only one I couldn't get through. And I love knowing I have some still to read!

Bookwormom said...

Anne E- Other readers have said that VH is a classic of the genre, but I've never understood why. I've never read westerns & I'm sure I've missed many great books.

Redwyne- I don't know how AB is so overlooked, but Tara said the same thing. It took me a few books before I managed to remember to look for her all the time.

Kristie (J) said...

Adreinne Basso eh? Never tried her before but if you, Sybil and Tara all recommend her I'm going to give her a try!

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